Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex sells... apparently, so does food!

When you purchase a car, don't you find that it suddenly seems as though your type of car is everywhere around you? You notice it all around. Such is the case for me with this diet. The more I immerse myself into this subject of where food comes from, the more I seem to hear about it, particularly in the media. To me, it seems to be everywhere. Granted, I'm a bit of a geek for my love for all things CBC, but it's crept up in other places as well. I was in Hunstville a couple of weeks ago, and there was a store that focused a bit on local foods. There was a magazine in the store that was talking about everything I was trying to do. And I came to the realization that I'm not alone in this. (I knew I wasn't, but sometimes I do feel like a bit of an oddball) There are many more people than I could have imagined who do care where there food comes from. A family in Edmonton who just completed a very strict year of the 100 mile diet. A documentary on CBC Radio 1 called Diet for a Hungry Planet. Tonight I was listening to the radio and a show called The DNA Files, where they were exploring some of the benefits of modified food. A gentleman in my program who I have yet to meet, lives and works on an organic farm out in BC. A show on tv recently that entailed a feast for 50 people with chefs using just local ingredients. Restaurants in Toronto and elsewhere that are committed to serving local food on their menus. A lot of this stuff seems to be coming to the forefront. Or perhaps I'm just noticing it more because I'm immersed in the subject.

Regardless, I feel encouraged that where our food comes from has had more coverage in the media. My good friend George who hosts the Hour on CBC had Michael Pollan as a guest and I just came across the interview clip. I just bought his newest book called In Defense of Food, but this attached clip is worth watching (only 11 minutes!)

I realize it's common to blame the government for everything, but they make a point of chatting about the tobacco industry, and how after years of reaping the benefits of taxes from cigarettes, the government finally had to put a halt to supporting it because of the health-related issues it was causing. Will the government be proactive to help support healthy eating, or will they be content footing the increasing bill for heart disease, certain cancers, obesity and diabetes?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Falling behind...

Although my "diet" is still plowing along, my writing seems to have taken a brief hiatus! I have recently started some more schooling, and have felt the crunch of a few assignments and readings.

I am in the routine of going to the market on a weekly basis, but am getting frustrated still with the grocery store, and the lack of food I can buy there. Although, today I was in my local Foodland, and there was quite a bit of produce from Ontario, which was encouraging. It's good to know that if I miss a market, I will at least have some veg to eat!

I have tried to give some pertinent information in previous blogs, and today, it's not going to happen. But I've been harassed to get a new entry up, so as weak as this is...

My creativity is suffering a bit... I've had chicken and potatoes 3 times this week.
But I must admit that every time time I finish my dinner, I feel satisfied.
Breakfasts consist mostly of toast with honey or fried eggs and toast.
Lunches are grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato or a turkey sandwich with tomato.
Oh, and lots of fish for dinners too. Foodland has rainbow trout fom Manitoulin Island, so I have been enjoying that cooked on the barbeque.
More soon...